Stainless Steel Polish

Stainless Steel Electropolishing

Osborne Plating in Perth Western Australia can provide high quality Stainless Steel Polish metal finishes for both large and small objects.

Stainless Steel is less likely to oxidise compared to normal steel due to the interaction between its alloying elements (iron, chromium, magnesium, silicon, carbon, nickel, molybdenum) and the environment.  Water and air reacts with these elements to form a stable film that prevents additional corrosion, acting as a barrier between oxygen, water and the underlying metal.

What is Stainless Steel Electropolishing?
Stainless Steel Electropolishing,  is an electrochemical process that strips the outer layer from the metallic work piece removing unwanted material and blemishes . It is used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts. It may be used in lieu of abrasive fine polishing in microstructural preparation.

Benefits Include:

  • Oxide & Tarnish Removal
  • Increased Surface Corrosion Resistance
  • Increased Ratio of Chromium to Iron
  • Reduced Buffing & Grinding Costs
  • Stress Relieved Surface

General Process for Electropolishing

Metal Preparation EP & Dragout Post Treatment
Alkaline Soak Clean Electropolish Nitric Acid
Cold Water Rinse Dragout Cold Water Rinse
Acid Descale Counter Flow Rinse Hot Water Rinse
Cold Water Rinse Counter Flow Rinse Dry