Zinc Coating

Alkaline Zinc Coating

What is Zinc Coating?
Zinc Coating is a sacrificial coating that is electroplated on to a metal. Electroplating provides rust protection and a smooth finish, extending the life of the material and increasing its appeal.


  • Can be powder coated
  • Does not interfere with threaded components
  • Electroplating increased surface corrosion resistance
  • Good coverage in corners
  • Environmentally compatible
  • Practical/durable

Available in 3 colours:
Silver (clear or blue)

Gold and Silver
Gold passivation is recommended for harsh environments and electronic components. The chromate based passivation electroplating creates an oxide layer that is corrosion resistant and can be heat treated to harden.
Nitric based silver passivation  is normally used on moving parts and enclosed components.

2 processing options:

The Barrel Line:
Designed for small jobs that are unable to be racked.
The barrel line uses an acid zinc which will give a brighter finish.

The Still Line:
Designed for larger jobs that can be placed on racks.
The still line can handle jobs up to 2 mtr in length 1.4 mtr in height and upto 1mtr wide

CORROSION protection

Type of Chromate Time to white salts on zinc plate (salt spray test)
Clear (Bright Blue) 12-72 hours
Iridescent Yellow 72-250 hours
Black 12 - 150 hours